Group Therapy

Group therapy often cultivates rich ground for growth–a place to stretch ourselves and try new skills. Groups can provide an environment where we give and receive feedback and build momentum for positive change.


​Check out a recent article I wrote for PsychCentral on 6 Reasons to Reconsider Group Therapy for more information on the benefits of group.

*Now Forming*

Rising Strong™ In 2021! 

Beginning in January 2021, a Rising Strong™ group experience for women will be kicking off over the lunch hour (12:00-1:00) on Tuesdays! 

Rising Strong™ is a highly experiential intensive based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. According to the simple physics of vulnerability: if we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall. This is a curriculum about what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of struggle gives us the power to write a daring new ending. Struggle can be our greatest call to courage and the clearest path to a wholehearted life.


Online - Zoom


Tuesdays, January 14th - March 10th 12:00 - 1:00 PM


$500 includes 9 hours of group time, Rising Strong Workbook, and other materials.


Mary Beth Covert, Psy.D., ABPP, CDWF

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